Dumfries Art Gallery

The Gallery of Dumfries Art.

All the art below are my latest works.

If you see a painting you like, then please contact.

The Gallery

The Midsteeple, Dumfries

A painting of the Midsteeple on the high street in Dumfries.

This is painted from photo

In neat acrylics

16x20" framed, the frame makes it slightly bigger.


The Trawler

A trawler from somewhere in Scotland.

From a photo by a friend of mine

In acrylics, painted in water colour fashion

20x16" framed.


Kippford boat yard

The boat yard on the waterfront in Kippford.

From a photo by me

In acrylics in watercolour fashion

20x16" framed


Kelly Emm

A trawler called Kelly Emm somewhere in Scotland.

From a photo taken by another local artist called Julie Holis

In acrylics in watercolour fashion

20x16" framed


Sean Connery

He needs no introduction!

From a photo, unfortunately and not in person.

In neat acrylics, using only black paint!

24x20" then framed (frame 28x24")

Quite a big piece, a statement


Kickin' up dust!

A rally car in a local rally, I think it went through Ae.

It's framed in mixed media, on acrylic paper, framed 20x16"


Southerness Lighthouse

The half round half square lighthouse, curious!

This is painted in acrylics from my own photo

Framed and mounted



The Alley to the Midsteeple

The very interesting and missed view of the midsteeple in Dumfries, this is the view from Munches street and has been walked past a million times, how many people notice this view. I never used to!

It's a pen and wash, in watercolours.

Framed and mounted

A good bit bigger than A4 but not quite A3


More to follow

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