Welcome to my sketch gallery.

Drawing sketches is a love of mine at the moment so watch out for many more.

There seems to be something special about drawing with a biro, it has to be a biro, I've bought really expensive artist pens and ok, they have there place but don't act like a pencil like the biro does, you can adjust the weight of the lines like you can with a pencil. Fantastic!

I hope you enjoy my sketches and drawings.

Sketches and drawings


A fun sketch of my friends basset hound.

On A4 watercolour paper in biro

Drawn quickly from a photo.


Five souls walking away

Another fun sketch of five souls walking in front of me.

I had great fun sketching this.

From a photo on A4 watercolour paper in biro.


Stephen Hendry

A drawing of Stephen Hendry

In biro on watercolour paper




Neil Robertson

Neil Robertson

In biro on watercolour paper




John Higgins

John Higgins looking focused

a drawing on watercolour paper

A4 signed


More to follow

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